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Why is U.S. Foreign Policy Only Going to Get Worse? 2013

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As we look at prognostications about the economy and politics of 2030, is it possible that the axis of global culture is also moving to other places, or at least will ...
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  1. Why is U.S. Foreign Policy Only Going to Get Worse? - Hit & Run ...

    Sep 14, 2012 – That his foreign policy team is heavy with George W. Bush retreads should be terrifying not just to other countries but to our children and ...
  1. Foreign Policy: What Now? [ushistory.org]

    Foreign Policy: What Now? ... Distribution of U.S. relief supplies in North Korea ...today accept the fact that the United States is a member of a world community that cannot afford to ignore the importance of getting along. ... Report broken link ...
  2. Criticism of American foreign policy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Allies were critical of a unilateral sensibility to US foreign policy, and showed ....Realist critics attacked the idealism of Wilson as being ill-suited for weak states ....Such unilateral policies have broken European and international treaties but ...
  3. Former Obama advisor: Our foreign policy is a mess — especially in ...

    Oct 19, 2012 – If Obama wants to fix his broken foreign policy machine, he can do it — but ..... Our young men and women are being slaughtered because of ...
  4. Foreign Policy | The White House

    www.whitehouse.gov › IssuesShare
    ”Reset” our previously strained relations with Russia and signed a new Strategic ... We have broken the Taliban's momentum, and trained over 100,000 Afghan ...


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