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Stuff They Don't What You To Know | True History or Source

Brandon W. Prather
"I admit that I am a conspiracy theorist.   However, I am also a rational thinker.   Both good and evil exists... Within bad, there is many lies.    Within good,  there is truth. "

"The only way to fight evil is to shine a light of truth on it.   Let's not focus on all of the lies and evilness...   Let's focus on the truth, the one thing that can set us free!" - BWP

Garfield wears a double breasted suit and has a full beard and receding hairline
"The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable." - James A. Garfield

Conspiracy Theory Or Conspiracy Fact

Ok, enough talking about things such as:  Chemtrails, Weather Control, UFOs, Aliens and other theories of that nature.  Things like that cannot be proven  and remain as theory.

Let's face it, talking about things like that makes us look crazy...  Maybe that's why they are so mixed in with real conspiracies that have been proven.   Perhaps that's exactly what it is, something to take our eyes off of the truth.   Something to make us look crazy when talking about the holocaust, JFK, 9:11, Illuminati, New World Order and One World Government.   

About Chemtrails:  It's only seen where exhaust hitting the cold air, resulting in lines or streaks following the path of an aircraft.   Cannot be proven that chemicals or poisons are being leached into the air.   Those who are saying this:  maybe it's just a fear tactic thought up by the others.

About Weather Control:   Again, things like this cannot be proven.   Anyone can create fake documents to support their message that man is in control of the world and not God.   Besides, if someone is to throw environmental changing toxins into the ocean, we're never going to know about it.   Plus, thousands of miles off into the ocean...  How are we supposed to control that??

Could just be another fear tactic!  Who is really in control:   If someone is trying to play God, they are messing with something that is much bigger than them.    I'll just let God take care of the tirants.

About UFOs & Aliens:  UFOs, another way to make the conspiracy theorist look and sound crazy?? Well, there sure has been a lot of sightings over the years.   But yet I still have my doubts...   What it could be:  An elaborate hoax to scare people?  Photoshopped?   Something to keep people watching a show?  Entertainment?

Anyway, I'll just let you decide!

All's I have to say is this:  Don't pay no attention to the demons, they fill you with fear ... 

Conspiracy Facts Or Truths 

Now this is where my main concern is!   These very symbolic events, wars between God 
and satin, something that is so very obvious, with so must data and evidence that you know 
It's real.  That's more provable, reliable and informal. 

The Importance of History & The Truth:   


You Don't Have To Be A Conspiracy Theorist To Believe This


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