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Allen West: I Support Israel… And Shame on Anyone Who Doesn’t [WATCH SPEECH]

The nation of Israel has been under heavy attack, and it’s not just from Hamas terrorists lobbing bombs into the heart of its cities.
Many countries around the globe have held demonstrations protesting Israel’s actions to defend itself from terrorist attacks, as once again, liberals defy common sense by supporting the aggressor over the victim.
President Obama seems to be an ardent member of this crowd, consistently issuing warnings to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to not expand ground operations, citing “concern for civilian casualties.”
Fortunately, support for Israel has continued to grow in the United States, both inpopular culture and political spheres.
Former congressman Allen West, a fiery conservative who tells-it-like-it-is, recently declared his support for Israel at a conference, stating that America is at it’s best when it stands by its allies, and those who aren’t standing with Israel should be ashamed of themselves.
“When America’s at it’s best it stands beside its allies. Because allies who live in neighborhoods surrounded by bullies need to be able to fight back. And that’s exactly why I support everything that Benjamin Netanyahu is doing against Hamas right now in the Middle East.”
“Shame on anyone who does not understand the exact same thing Prime Minister Netanyahu is saying. ‘We use our missiles to protect our people. They use their people to protect their missiles.’”

West also hammered on those condemning Israel for defending itself and for being to scared to stand up to this opposition and do what’s right.
So what shall the global community do? Shall we continue to harass and condemn Israel for protecting itself? Or shall we finally find our moral courage and as a community of liberty and freedom join in destroying that which threatens us all: Islamic totalitarianism and jihadism? Or do we cower in the face of this masked belligerence?
Allen West hits it out of the park here. America, under stronger leadership in years past, always made it a point to stand with Israel and support the country against those who were bent on destroying it. This isn’t about land, it’s about the radical Muslim mandate to rule the world and wipe out the opposition.
The U.S. needs to once again rise up and help defend an ally against “bullies” and aid the Israeli government in restoring balance and peace to its people..
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