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Christian Student Told to Surrender His Bible in School… He Refused [WATCH]

Freedom of religion is a fundamental right given to people by God, but that doesn’t stop the government and liberals in all levels of society from trying to strip that right from individuals any time they are given an opportunity.
Reading the Bible or any religious material, regardless of a  person’s location, is guaranteed under the First Amendment, yet that hasn’t stopped schools and teachers in Florida from doing everything in their power to prevent this kind of material from being read by students.
A fifth grade boy is the latest victim to have his First Amendment rights violated by a public school teacher for bringing a Bible to class.
The young man was attempting to read it during his free time, when the teacher forced him to call his father after he refused to put the Bible on her desk and inform him that this kind of material was not permitted in her classroom.
Liberty Institute got involved in the matter and are demanding that the school apologize to the young man and his dad.
via Facebook:
A South Florida student says he wanted to read the Bible during some free time in class, but what the teacher did next has his family furious. Fifth grader Giovanni Rubeo said he pulled out the Bible for free reading time at Park Lakes Elementary School on April 8. He said the teacher asked him twice to put the Bible on her desk, but he refused.
This is an appalling violation of the First Amendment. Since the school is run by the government, it is bound by the Constitution not to infringe on someone’s free expression of religion. The behavior exhibited by this teacher is exactly why the Framers put the First Amendment in the Constitution to begin with.
Not only should the teacher apologize to the boy, she should be forced to take a constitutional study course to re-educate herself on the meaning of religious liberty.
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