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REPORT: Hillary Was Fired From Watergate Committee for “Fraud” and “Lying”

Former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is no stranger to scandal. Unfortunately, as most Americans agree, she does appear to be a stranger to honesty.
Public figures from Senator Rand Paul to NFL great Terry Bradshaw have called Hillary out for her lies to the American people. No wonder students are demanding that she return her speaking fees despite her claims to have been broke when theClintons left the White House–they don’t believe her. They’re in good company–neither does her own uncle.
Hillary’s past is also full of examples of her disregard for the truth. Previous reports have shown her willingness as a criminal defense attorney to ignore the facts–or more accurately, to subvert them–in order to put an accused and potentially dangerous child rapist back on the streets.
Now a bombshell book reveals that Hillary was fired by Democrat attorney Jerry Zeifman for fraud, lies, and obstruction of justice during her time as a lawyer working for the House Judiciary Committee.
Quoted by the weaselzippers website:
Hillary Clinton might be hoping no one buys “Nixon’s Secrets” — Roger Stone’s new book marking the 40th anniversary of the Watergate scandal.
Stone — a Nixon staffer who is so partisan he has a tattoo of his old boss’ face on his back — reports that Clinton was fired as a staff lawyer for the House of Representatives’ Judiciary Committee for “writing fraudulent legal briefs, lying to investigators and confiscating public documents.”
Yale Law School grad Clinton was 26 in 1974 when she started working for the committee that was investigating whether or not there was enough evidence to impeach or prosecute President Nixon for the Watergate affair.
Clinton’s boss, Jerry Zeifman, the general counsel and chief of staff to the Watergate Committee, claims he fired her because she was working to impede the investigation and undermine Nixon’s defense.
People have pasts, and every criminal defense lawyer is certain to have worked with some unsavory individuals and, moreover, to have done their job defending those criminals, even getting them freed due to legal technicalities.
But there’s a world of difference between taking advantage of legal loopholes on a defendant’s behalf and lying to the public, particularly when those lies involve a matter as significant as the possible impeachment of a sitting president.
Hillary Clinton’s record speaks for itself. Her forty-year history of blatant disregard for the truth in the name of her own political objectives should categorically preclude her from ever holding public office again. The American people deserve better.
In fact, they deserve to see her prosecuted.
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